ESOL Preparation

ESOL stands for English of Other Languages and is offered at 3 levels

  • FCE – First Certificate in English
  • CAE – Certificate in Advanced English
  • CPE – Certificate of Proficiency in English

The Cambridge examinations are recognized worldwide as proof of your English language ability. They can be used in applications for jobs, and, in some cases, for universities. But they are also a satisfying measure of personal achievement.

Since they are offered at a variety of levels, Cambridge exams are a good choice if you wish to demonstrate your progress, or gain a qualification in a short space of time. One natural path is to progress from FCE (which is approximately Upper Intermediate level), through CAE (Advanced) to CPE (Proficient).

The CPE is the highest English language accreditation available in the world. Passing the CPE is proof that your English has reached the maximum recognized level.

Join a dedicated class of students all studying towards the same goal, and it's impressive what results you will achieve. Our teachers are experienced in giving you the skills you need to enter the exam room with confidence - and exit with great results.

Benefit of undertaking ESOL with usBenefit of undertaking ESOL with us

  • Gain a qualification recognized all over the world
  • Exams for three levels of English
  • Experienced teachers train you in exam techniques
  • Make measurable improvement in 10-12 weeks